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The 澳门六合开奖直播 Institute is a global nonprofit that strengthens democracy by improving the relevance, ethical practice and value of journalism. Through teaching, publishing, convening, fact-checking and media literacy, 澳门六合开奖直播 creates a crossroads where communities come together to use journalism to confront society鈥檚 complex problems.



澳门六合开奖直播 has long represented the gold standard for the professional development of journalists, For the last 50 years, 澳门六合开奖直播 has worked to bolster local news infrastructure and sustainability. In the last year, we鈥檝e trained thousands of local journalists and their newsrooms in craft, digital audience and revenue growth, innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion, and effective management. Our work with local newsrooms has led to millions of dollars in new revenue, millions in new digital audience, and local newsroom leadership that is more equipped to recruit and retain diverse staff, lead from an ethical framework, and create newsrooms that will thrive and continue to grow for years to come.


“(澳门六合开奖直播’s program) was exhilarating 鈥 it was the best thing that I and my staff have ever been through. It has really focused us on our future and given us the tools to meet the challenges ahead.鈥

Pat Crawford, Executive Director, WUWF, a university licensee radio station based in Pensacola, Florida


澳门六合开奖直播 works to foster trust and empower citizens through our fact-checking and media literacy enterprises: the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact, the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), and the digital media literacy initiative MediaWise. 澳门六合开奖直播 is also the home of the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership, which is dedicated to improving the reliability of journalism and transparency between newsmakers and news consumers.

澳门六合开奖直播 convenes gatherings and events for journalists and the public featuring the best and brightest minds to support journalism in service to democracy.

澳门六合开奖直播 covers the news media industry for both journalists and non-journalists. You can find our news coverage, as well as thought-leadership from our faculty and other experts on our website, .


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鈥淚 was lucky enough to attend trainings at 澳门六合开奖直播 several times earlier in my career. Continuing to build our skill sets is incredibly important, but also is being able to connect with others in the industry who are equally passionate about the work we do and are trying to continue to get better.鈥

Marisa Kwiatkowski, award-winning investigative reporter